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What’s in it for you?

Discover what’s waiting for you in this short video tour of Ayahuasca Adventure Center, one of the highest rated, most beautiful and most effective ayahuasca healing retreats in the world.  

If you’d prefer to see a video made by one of our recent guests, check out – Ayahuasca in Peru Video

Or, read ten more reasons why our programs are among the best in the world.

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Total Human Transformation

What sets Pulse apart from the rest? First and foremost, our spiritual shamanic healing programs are of world class caliber. With powerful ayahuasca medicine and piercing, inter-dimensional icaros, our full lineage of three Shipibo shamans deliver profound and lasting results for a very high percentage of participants. Second, being located on the fringe of a 2.2 million hectare nature reserve on the shores of the massive Ucayali River, we're immersed in incredible scenery and abundant biodiversity, with both sunrise and sunset viewable from our riverfront observation deck. And our expert local guides take you on adventurous daily jungle excursions to explore the rivers, jungles and prolific wildlife of the region. Third, we're health and fitness oriented with a clean, whole, delicious diet and on site gym with everything from yoga classes to Onnit fitness equipment. But don't take our word for it. See how our guests describe their experiences in 200+ five star reviews between and Retreat Guru.

Drinking The Jungle documentary is a cultural exploration and evocation of Ayahuasca: a medicinal plant with powerful psychoactive properties that has been utilized by cultures around the world for centuries.

Excellent video made by one of our recent guests, Carl, about his experience. He truly captures the essence of the experience.  It’s a must watch!

Shazz had 40 back surgeries and extreme pain, couple with paralyzing depression. After her second ceremony, her depression disappeared. Now, six months later, she is nearly pain free.

Pulse ayahuasca retreat center during the New year’s Eve Amazon Ayahuasca Retreat, capturing footage of the incredible sunsets and vistas over the river and jungle.

We at Pulse have joined the Renewable Energy Revolution and are now fully powered by solar energy.  Watch to see how your stay with us will be more convenient because of light from the sun.

A large Amazon anaconda gets caught in fishing net.  On site medic and jungle guides at Pulse work to free and release the entangled serpent.  CORRECTION:  Daniel misnamed this snake as a boa in the video.  It is indeed an anaconda.

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Why Adventure & Ayahuasca?

You are traveling across the world to experience what could be the most profound event of your life.  Don’t you also want to experience the culture, nature and context of where Ayahuasca originates?  With us, adventure is part of the healing.  Make the most of it.

Why small-group travel?

South America can be a daunting place when you don’t speak the languages and are traveling alone.  Small groups offer security, access, camaraderie, and personal bonds that enrich your shared experiences when you begin work with the powerful medicines Ayahuasca, Huachuma and Kambo.  Join us, and make lifelong friends.

Why Pulse Tours?

Our dedication to your experience goes beyond Ayahuasca; it gets you closer, deeper, and further into this amazing, unparalleled, and beautiful region than anyone else. We’re not in the Ayahuasca business; we’re in the life-changing adventure business.  Summon your courage and take the plunge.


Don’t just visit the jungle. Make it better.

When you travel with us, you’re giving back to local communities in the Amazon, the dedicated stewards of the rainforest, and the passionate Shipibo healers we work with. Your vacation with us makes the Amazon and the world a better place.  Now that’s worth your money.

Go ahead, change the world

How we’re different

More depth, fun and excitement to your Ayahuasca experience than the typical retreat.
Coolest, most fun, and most passionate tour leaders and expert local guides.

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