Long-Term Immersion Program with Master Plant Teachers


This program is an opportunity to go deeper within oneself, connect more fully with Ayahuasca, and learn the teachings of additional master plant teachers of the jungle. It is a plant diet done in isolation, and is a longer-term commitment for those who want to take the next step in their healing journey. In the Shipibo tradition, master plants are considered to be sacred healers and teachers, and different plants have knowledge and teachings for different purposes. Through an isolation diet with a master plant and Ayahausca, one can receive the knowledge of that plant, deepen their own healing, learn how to heal others, and further explore and understand the world of plant medicines.

What is a master plant diet?

A master plant diet involves a consultation with our head shaman, where he will assess your specific scenario and recommend a plant teacher based on your situation and intentions. You will then consume some of the plant you wish to diet (oftentimes in the form of a tea), and after that, following a stricter diet of food than your typical Ayahuasca diet – no salt, sugar, oil, or fats, and no energetic transfers including physical touch or sex. The shaman will open your diet with an Ayahuasca ceremony and will connect you to the spirit of your plant, after which you will be able to receive the knowledge and teachings of that plant, both in and out of your ceremonies.

How long is this program?

We do not have fixed slots, we offer this program for as long or little as you desire, and you can begin as soon as you are ready, based on availability. Our pricing structure depends on your desired length of stay and is as follows:

0 – 3 Months: $3,500 USD per month

3 – 6 Months: $3,000 USD per month

6 – 12 Months: $2,500 USD per month

We take payment upfront or in 2 installments if it is a 6+ months commitment.

Where would I be staying?

We have constructed brand new tambo huts for guests who would like to participate in this program. Connected to our Center but located farther back in the jungle, away from other guests and surrounded by lush nature on all sides, these spacious rooms offer the perfect opportunity to connect with oneself and their plant teachers.

What master plants can I work with?

Regarding the additional plant teachers, there are quite a few! It would mainly depend on your consultation with Wiler to determine what would be the best for you. Below are some examples (not extensive) of the plant teachers we offer, along with some of their unique purposes:

•  Tobacco – Centering, grounding, protection, strong emotional boundaries, connecting back to your roots
•  Chiric Sanango – Physical healing of joints and bones, mental energy and motivation, strength
•  Marusa – Connection with the mind and heart, ability to heal others
•  Piñon Blanco, Nihue Rao – Connection with light and love, opening of the heart
•  Piñon Colorado – Physical pain relief, respiratory ailments, blood conditions
•  Renaquilla – Happiness, love, physical healing of wounds, connection with others
•  Toé – Connection to dreams, deeper understanding of the mind and heart of oneself and others

How many Aya ceremonies will I be able to participate in?

You would be able to partake in Ayahuasca ceremonies once every week or so. For these longer-term dietas, you actually do not need to drink Ayahuasca as often as you would for a regular retreat, as it’s important to have the time and space to connect with the plant on its own. Not to mention, when you do partake in ceremony, you tend to go much deeper due to the very clean diet and the help of your plant teacher, so the ceremonies are more spaced out for you to have time to process and reflect.

Can I connect with other guests?

This program is done in isolation, and you will have your own tambo set farther back in the jungle – we do not recommend too much interaction with the groups, as the point of this is to go deeper inward and reflect. Your meals will be brought to your tambo for you each day, and you will have your own amenities such as water, a yoga mat, and art supplies in your room. We do recommend that you refrain from physical contact, and try not to interact with others in general too much either. We will have facilitators and shamans come talk and check on you occasionally, but other than that, connection with others is limited so that you can focus on your plant and your own healing.

How do I inquire/sign up/ask additional questions?

Fill out the form by clicking the button below, and you will hear back from us shortly!

Please note that space is very limited, as we currently only have 2 tambos available for this type of dieta.  Thus, if you are interested, please contact us to coordinate.

This is a great opportunity for those who want to evolve their relationship with plant medicines and Ayahuasca shamanism, while deepening their healing experience and their ability to heal others.

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