Meet Our Shamans

Arkana’s exceptional team of highly-trained Shipibo Master Shamans represent an unbroken lineage of plant medicine work. With a combined history of over 70 years of experience working closely with Ayahuasca and other master plant teachers of the jungle, our compassionate healers lovingly share their teachings, healing songs (icaros), capabilities, and knowledge with integrity and honor.

We strive to maintain the traditional practices passed down through thousands of years of indigenous Amazonian culture, in order to continue to promote the true purpose and nature of plant medicine work. Our Shamans are lovingly dedicated to the healing processes of our guests, and together, the symphony they create sets the stage for truly profound and deeply healing work.

Maestro Jorge

Shaman, Arkana Amazon

Maestro Jorge was born in the village of Dos Unidos de Pachiteya Rio, eight hours by boat from Pucallpa.

He worked with Ayahuasca for his first time with his friend, Maestro Benino, when he was 29 years old. It was a one-time experience and he moved on with his life after this. He later found himself very sick and in the hospital for 3 years. During this time, in 1989, Maestro Jorge began working again with Ayahuasca under Maestro Guillermo Arevalo Valero. Maestro Guillermo became Jorge’s Maestro – with whom he dieted and apprenticed under for 9 years, living a life dedicated to learning the ways of Shipibo healing techniques from the plants.

Maestro Jorge worked for 21 years as a Shipibo curandero out of his home, where he was living with his family. In 2012, he went to Temple of the Way of Light where he worked as one of their head Maestros for approximately 4 years.

Maestro Jorge is undoubtedly one of the most respected Shipibo healers; he has shared his healing tradition with more than 1,000 people and traveled as far as Europe to share his medicine. He has dieted many plants and trees himself, giving him a luminous and powerful connection to the plant world.

Maestro Jorge is now 53 years old and has been working closely with the Ayahuasca and medicinal healing plants as a curandero for over 21 years, we are pleased to have him lead our team at Arkana Amazon.

Maestro Gilberto

Master Shaman, Arkana Amazon

One of the newest additions to the Arkana Spiritual Center family, Gilberto, affectionately called Abuelo (Grandfather) comes to us with a long a deep knowledge of the medicine.

A Shipibo shaman, Gilberto began working with the medicine at the age of 14. Now 66 years old and with a life time of diets and healing practice, he’s also become known as the shaman’s shaman. Coming from a lineage of Shipibo Shamans, it was his father that introduced him to becoming a healer and is where Gilberto inherited his knowledge of the plants. His first plant diet was over a year long, and since, has done over 30 other plant diets on his Shamanic path.

At 16 he began leading his own healing ceremonies, and is now with us to share his knowledge and warm spirit during your own healing process. Through his Icaros you’ll find a loving and powerful voice, and one of the purest examples of an old traditional Shaman. The Staff here at the center feel lucky and blessed to have had Abeulo a part of the family since the beginning of 2017. When not at the center, Gilberto returns home to his village of Limonjema near Pucallpa, where he lives with his wife and family.

Maestra Angelita

Female Master Shaman, Arkana Amazon

Our female shaman, Angelita Sanchez Rioz , comes from a very small Shipibo community called San Francisco close to the Ucayali river, near Pucallpa. Before dedicating her life to the medicine she was an artisan who would sell her art around Peru, which she makes in her free time to reflect the essence of Shipibo culture.

She has been working with the medicine for the last 6 years. Her shamanic path started when she met Wiler at a social reunion where they became friends and he encouraged her to start dieting with sacred plant medicines. She connected well with this path and decided to dedicate her life to the medicine. After some time she became an apprentice to Wiler and has been a master shaman for the last 2 years.

After dieting a wide variety of medicinal plants she has become one of the most powerful female shamans of the Shipibo culture, full of light and love that she spreads around wherever she goes.

Her main purpose in life is to bring what has been given to her from the medicine to others, spreading the love, light and joy to all those around her, as well as taking care of her family in the city of Iquitos, and her project of building a house where they can all live together comfortably.

Maestro Diego

Lead Shaman, Arkana Sacred Valley

Maestro Diego is a humble light spirited man with a big heart. He has studied with his grandfather from the age of 18 in the art of Shipibo Ayahuasca Curanderismo. He has also studied many plants of the Amazon jungle for years, which add to his healing abilities working along with Ayahuasca. He is a very respected dedicated Medicine Man.
He is very unique among most Shipibo Shaman in the way he loves to share his wisdom and experiences in detail from each ceremony. He is very open with his communication from the very beginning. He sits with each guest when they arrive to talk about their needs (with a translator present if needed). He will even go out of his way to help you take other plant medicines, if needed during your stay.
He works purely from his heart, with the highest integrity in a very special way. He is like a businessman for the spirit world, who makes agreements with healing spirits to help you heal and keep bad energy away. He say’s that he “channels energy from the moon and the stars”. He also has strong protectors who guard the ceremony area, people in ceremony have seen and felt these guards surrounding and protecting everyone. With Diego, you are safe and can trust in his abilities.
He is very dedicated to the healing path and will go out of his way to make sure the people who come to Arkana are healed deeply on all levels. His intention is to serve all of humanity with humbleness.