“You are looking to answer a call from Mother Ayahuasca or you wouldn’t be reading this. I struggled with deep depression and anxiety for years. I went through many times where I was minutes away from ending my life because the pain I carried was more than I wanted to bare any longer. I thought it was either go to the jungle and deal with the things inside me or end it; if this didn’t work then what is the difference anyway. I started my search for a place to go and found Pulse Adventure Tours. I am so glad I was lead here for the healing I needed. The center is top notch and the crew guiding me was even better. I can’t say it was life changing because I don’t know the person I was before. I am a new man! When I think of the things that went through my head before my trip. It seems like those thoughts couldn’t have been mine. I can’t fathom the thought of hurting myself anymore. I will be making my second trip in December. Mother Aya isn’t done with me yet. We still have some things to talk about!! I could go on for hours….. Don’t waste anymore time!! Book with Pulse and never look back again!!”

JefferyAugust 8, 2016

“An Ayahuasca Journey of a Lifetime

What an outstanding trip I had with the Ayahuasca Adventure Center & Pulse Tours! I went for the 2 week Machu Picchu/Amazon excursion back in May, and have got to say that those folks really do it right. All of the workers were extremely devoted to their roles, and there was a genuine aura of caring and well-being 24/7. Dan was especially giving and accomodating in that he literally offered me the clothes off his back as I forgot to pack pants suitable for the jungle excursions, as well as his only extra beer on a flight when he found out that it was my birthday. That went a long way with me. The whole team lead by Dan and Tatyana were incredible, and it was obvious how much love and planning went into the newly built and beautiful center. The ayahuasca ceremonies were AMAZINGLY authentic and life changing due in large part to the collective vibe of the organization and especially potent brew. You simply can’t go wrong choosing the Ayahuasca Adventure Center!”

Mo January 10, 2016

“I had an amazing experience with this tour. It was my first time trying Aya and Im so happy that I picked this team to do it with. The food was fresh and healthy, program was well organized and the facilitators were extremely loving, supportive and kind. Thank you Pulse Tours for an awesome, unforgettable experience!”

TzamaniJuly 7, 2016

“Life changing experience

I had a wonderful experience! So life changing… I can’t believe how many beautiful souls I met during this retreat… Everyone was so helpful and compassionate when you needed it the most. The activities were a lot of fun as well. I can’t wait to go back!! I cried when I had to leave. I Don’t feel like the website does this retreat justice so I plan on making a Vlog to show more details and pics of everything. If interested or want to see more pics go on my Ig @jamaicanprncess”

Jamaican PrNcessMay 17, 2016

“14 Day Machu Picchu and Amazon Ayahuasca Expedition

It was amazing being with such nice people, including the staff and the group I was with. It was so different being in a space where everyone was so sincerely and genuinely compassionate, I understood that we were all there for each other. A nice Ayahuasca Centre and beautiful Maloka, there is plenty of space about for you to be free to do your own thing or to hang around with anyone. A great experience overall, I would like to go back some day.”

PatrickMay 28, 2016
We are grateful to provide a transformative, unique experience for every guest, with the underlying theme being the love and compassion our team passionately provides. Guests head home renewed, refreshed, and re-energized, with the tools and skills necessary to integrate their lessons and experiences into life back home. But don’t take it from us – see what they have to say!

Pulse Tours Review offered by Liz, a return guest at Ayahuasca Adventure Center. Liz came for 7 day Amazon Ayahuasca Adventure first and returned a year later for 21 Day Total Human Transformation.

Scientist and researcher Heather shares about how she lost 19 pounds, toned up and had an incredible ayahuasca experience with Pulse Tours

Ayahuasca Adventure Center interviews interesting people from around the world who've undergone the 21 Day Total Human Transformation at Ayahuasca Adventure Center.

Ayahuasca Adventure Center interviews interesting people from around the world who undergo the 21 Day Total Human Transformation Retreat.

Allie Shares Her Ayahuasca Healing Adventure in Peru, taken in Nov 2014 with Pulse Tours at Ayahuasca Adventure Center . She overcame a lot of resistance to making the trip but was ultimately rewarded by her experiences and healing.

Former US Army Airborne Ranger Special Ops Combat Medic shares his ayahuasca healing experience at Ayahuasca Adventure Center in Peru.

Jazmine came to Ayahuasca Adventure Center for NYE and had an experience that filled her with love and a renewed lust for life. As a 21 year old solo female traveler, she had some concerns. But she felt completely safe and comfortable with the crew at www.pulsetours.com.

Guest at Ayahuasca Adventure Center offers commentary after completing a 14 day Machu Picchu and Amazon Ayahuasca Adventure which was organised by Pulse Adventure Tours, based in Iquitos, Peru.

Michael Sanders gives a review of his ayahuasca adventure experience with Pulse Tours in the rainforest near Iquitos, Peru in the Amazon. He traveled with Pulse Tours for 8 days over New Year's Eve, where they explored the jungle, checked out Iquitos and experienced ayahuasca for the first time.

  • Andrew
  • May 03, 2016

Another Thing : DELICIOUS FOOD

Yes, not much sauces or marinated foods.. But nonetheless natural, wholesome, delicious, TASTY and nourishing. Warm banana purees were an example of the morning fruit juices we had. chicken and fish were always sauced and juicy/ tender. Rice was there in plenty to carb up, Fruits were unlimited (had about 15 mangos my week there). Not to mention the Ayahuasca diets they provided which included an intriguing green juice everyday (wish I had been disciplined enough to go on it just for that drink). Great food is a big win people!

  • Mark
  • March 11, 2016 – 14 Day Machu Picchu and Amazon Ayahuasca Expedition

I was the “odd man out” as part of a group of 8 wonderful women who did the tour 13-26 February. The ceremonies (San Pedro, Ayahuasca, Kambo, Nunu, etc…) were top notch, in terms of facilitation, organization, and experiences. They were truly transformative for all of us. It makes such a difference to have a dedicated and highly experienced team of shamans and facilitators who are able to manage both individuals and group dynamics, and ensure every individual has a “personalized” experience. Where I thought improvements can be made was around the logistics in the Machu Picchu expedition. The quality of accommodation in Cusco and Aguas Calientes was sub par, especially for us older, more seasoned folk. In Cusco, we stayed at a hostel that does not have road access, requiring the group to carry luggage about 200 yards up stairs and slopes. This was fine for me, but not some of the ladies. As the “odd man out”, it was a challenge to ensure I wasn’t placed with the other women in the group – something that would have been uncomfortable for both genders. At one point, this is what was suggested, leaving us in an awkward situation. Fortunately, it was sorted at the end of the day. Also, the busses that were hired to shuttle us from Cusco to the Sacred Valley, or Iquitos to Nauta, were uncomfortable, cramped, with limited air flow. For a little bit extra, larger vehicles could have been used (for example, some of us hired a private tour to visit sites along the Sacred Valley prior to the Pulse Adventure Tour, and the bus used had much greater capacity). I might well return (alone, or with other members of the original group), in which case I would l would do just the Ayahuasca part of the expedition, which is definitely the highlight and core purpose for most of us. For this portion, I give a 5* rating!

  • Barry
  • March 09, 2016

In Two Words: Life Changing

I’ll keep this relatively short. I specifically decided to wait at least 6 months after my trip to Pulse Tours to write my review, to see some of the medium to long term benefits and how they stand up after a bit of time has passed. Let me tell you: ayahuasca is not some cure-all, magical potion which will fix all your problems necessarily – it requires serious commitment to inner change and courage to face demons and upkeep the lessons that you are thought in order to pursue a more fruitful and happy existence. I am writing this 8 months after the fact and I am completely free if anti-depressants, eating way better and healthier than before, my drug use is extremely minimal (only some beer on the weekend) and my attitude and personality are better than ever. I simply can not imagine a group of people who could do a more caring, personal and dedicated job than the team at Pulse Tours. I honestly felt like a child again in the best way possible. The entire space and vibe off both the staff and locals makes for a shelter of non judgement and harmony, there is simply no length they won’t go to to try and accommodate you and get you to open up to medicine and shed whatever you came to leave behind. They all hold a very special place in my heart and I am eternally grateful! There’s a reason why they were number one on the now defunct ayaadvisor.com website, there’s a reason why the ticket costs a pretty penny and there’s a reason why so many people like me will never stop raving about the magic of this centre and these people, don’t waste your time and hard earned money shopping anywhere else, look no further for the real deal in ayahuasca!

  • Sylvester
  • March 08, 2016

Amazing place

I got nothing but love and care from all the people at Pulse. During my retreat there was 3 of us that had some trouble in separate ceremonies, me being on of them. I felt that they handled it all quite well. I know I was probably one of the more difficult ones to handle, and every one treated me no differently afterwards. One of the other visitors that was beside me during ceremonies was having trouble during his ceremonies and the facilitators made sure that he was okay, and did everything to make him comfortable, even though he was rejecting the medicine. This is truly a magical place, and I am definitely coming back for the total human transformation, because I know I need it.

  • James
  • May 15, 2016

Top Notch!

At first I was a little concerned with bringing a large amount of cash to some strangers in a foreign country, but it quickly made sense as our journey began. I participated in the 14 day Cusco, Machu Picchu, Jungle package, and the cash was needed for the trains, planes, automobiles, food, and lodgings. Thankfully the money was taken upon arrival, and we did not have to worry about anything after that, as our wonderful tour guides melissa and sylvia took care of everything. They were very knowledgeable on all aspects of travel, meals, and most importantly the entire spiritual aspects of our journey. Our San Pedro ceremony was beyond magical! I can’t imagine a better place to perform this ceremony than The Mountain House in Cusco. There are wonderful hosts in a beautiful setting, along side the moon and love temples! The trip to Maccu Piccu was Fantastic and our guide Roberto was very informative on the history of the place. I highly recommend seeing the sunrise as it is not very busy, and you have extra time in the day to adventure up to the sungate. The rest of the travelling went on without any troubles, which is surprising considering how chaotic peruvian air travel can be,(we had to practically sprint through an airport to catch a connecting flight). The last half took place in the jungle. This is where the real magic happens. There are great facilitators, and three amazing shamans that take us on a wonderful spiritual journey. True spiritual cleansing can take you to some dark places, and Ian, Tamara, Wiler, Ernesto, and Angelita, do a great job of keeping you in the light. Special thanks to Ian for sharing his energy, and helping my wife through her darkness. I am sure he would give you the shirt off his back but he doesn’t seem to ever wear one. Wilbur does a great job of daily excursions, jungle trekking, fishing, swimming, etc. The Centre itself was more than adequate and comfortable, and the staff did a great job with meals and maintaining a clean environment. We will definitely be returning in the future with our daughters, who I believe will truly benefit from this experience. If all works out we may even have a spiritual wedding at the Love Temple. My only advice is to bring more local currency than is recommended, if you into shopping and supporting the local artisans. And learn a bit of Spanish.

  • HappyClam
  • September 3, 2015

I felt forced to write a 5 star review right after we finished the retreat. I felt like I wasn´t honest about my experience. I wanted to take some time to reflect and write once I got back home and settled in. They’re also giving people free t-shirts if they write the review right away. Overall Pulse is a decent place but the pressure to review left a bad taste in my mouth. This would be a 5 star review if they hadn’t done that.

Response from Pulse Adventure Tours on September 3, 2015

We’re truly sorry you felt this way, it was certainly not our intent. We’ll have a chat with the folks who were working the last retreat and make sure this doesn’t happen again. As with any service found in the online world, in our field, reviews are critical for seekers to identify legitimate options amongst the crowd. You mentioned you were intending to write a five star review anyway. Yet we know people get sidetracked and busy once they return home, often forgetting to follow up on the review regardless of their intent. We simply offer an inexpensive token gift for you to do it sooner than later, a practice not uncommon in the service industry. The nature of the review is up to you, unmonitored and completely anonymous. However, it was made clear to all staff that the T-shirts are ONLY to be offered to those already planning to leave a review for us, with zero pressure involved. We will most certainly deliver a clear reminder of this rule in the coming hours. Thank you for letting us know.

  • Alex
  • September 12, 2015

Are you 20 years old? Are you worried, scared, nervous about trekking into the jungle to take a strange drink which will show you other worlds? Well you should be, but part of this experience is to face your fears head on and say “fuck you, i’m not scared anymore”.

I’m 20 years old and by far the youngest on the 7 day tour I went on, but not once did I feel judged or looked down on for being here.

Your obviously cynical and wondering why has this place got so many 5 star ratings. The simple answer is because its the only place I would recommend to anyone for their first time taking Aya.

The staff, the food, the location, the monkey (yes they have a pet monkey who likes to steal hats). All of this adds up to make one fucking awesome week of adventure and laughs.

If like me you’re young, you can be sure Pulse tours will look after you.

Your still reading? Just bloody book it already. You will not regret it.

  • Emakoutz
  • September 14, 2015

An absolutely beautiful place filled with amazing people that recognize the uniqueness of every individual who attends their retreat. The shamans were powerful and their facilitators were caring. Together they ease you into the power of the medicine with an understanding that not everyone accepts the treatment at the same pace. It was easy to become comfortable at the center with a staff who takes care of you—making it MUCH easier to trust the medicine and open yourself up to its potential to help you. You’ll make friends and experience life in the jungle like you’ve never imagined.

Much love!! – Emily

  • krunal
  • August 19, 2015

As well as the ayahuasca medicine being powerful, insightful, effective and inspirational, we’d have group sessions, where we’d share the different experiences we’d undergo.

These sessions in themselves were like a form of purging; we’d talk about all that we saw, felt and experienced during our intense ceremonies, to help each other in our transformative journeys.

Our facilitators were like angels, gentle, considerate and intuitive in their approach, touching hearts and confiding in all the obstacles and challenges we sought to overcome. After each ceremony, they’d come around to each of us, listening to our stories, we’d laugh, form amazing bonds and life long friendships, under crazy luminous stars that’d blanket around the jungle we were immersed in.

Both Shamans, Wiler and Angela carried a beautiful synergy of masculine and feminine energies, which I deem vital in help heal and strengthen our own spiritual well being. You could feel the musical waves of their Icaros caress, bless and resonate into the inner depths of your body, it was a phenomena that has touched me deeply.

We’d also be given the choice to go on a diet if we’d wish to, alongside Ayahuasca. With an array of plant diets to choose from, our Shaman, Wiler would recommend what would suit us best. This would allow us to progress deeper into the world of plant medicines and can help us engage better with Ayahuasca if we wish to.

Being active mentally, physically and spiritually meant that the jungle excursions with the vibrant Andriano, the gym facilities and yoga sessions with Valentina all coincided to provide a holistic approach in assisting us become better individuals. These people were at the core of our amazing blessed experiences, thank you.

We’d also sometimes have insightful meditation sessions with Tatyana, before our ceremonies. Around a candle light, as a group we’d be guided through breathing techniques, shown ways on how to centre ourselves, open our chakras, calm our anxieties and fleeting thoughts that seek to cloud and distract us being truly in touch with ourselves. These sessions were very effective and harmonized beautifully with ayahuasca, allowing us to go deeper into our own selves and unconscious.

I don’t know how to thank you Pulse Tours! Your ethics, your creativity, sprightly and youthful energies are truly what people need in this day and age.

  • MrGreen
  • August 17, 2015

I could go off on a million long winded tangents about how amazing Pulse is, but the bottom line is this place changes lives. I learned more about myself in one week than I had in the previous 25 years. The staff is extremely experienced and the entire center is overflowing with love, compassion, and empathy. I cannot wait to start applying the life lessons I learned here back home!